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Hand Picked Puglia

Hand Picked Puglia has been created for discerning people like you, who are looking for something a little bit different.  We not only want you to visit Puglia, but we want you to get under its surface and meet the people living and working here.  We want you to really experience this fantastic region and hopefully fall in love with it, like we have.

As your friendly, down-to-earth hosts our aim is to ensure you will want to keep coming back to Puglia to experience something new, exciting and somewhat out of the ordinary through our hand picked tours.

Valerie Rice Hand Picked Puglia

Valerie Rice, founder of Puglian Pleasures, writes a blog which gives a sneaky peak into Puglia, its culture, traditions, local events and quirky stories of general life here.

She fell in love with Puglia when she moved here lock, stock and barrel in 2010. She embraces everything Puglian from; learning to cook like ‘nonna’ (grandma); to trying out the local pizzica dancing.  Top of her list of local pleasures, is, yes, you’ve guessed it, wine! Followed by the Pugliese food, culture, traditions and ‘piano, piano’ (slowly, slowly) the Italian language!

Since moving to Puglia, she has built-up an extensive network of contacts in the food and wine industry, which has enabled us to carefully hand pick the perfect tour just for you!