Bolonero – Torre Vento

boloneroName: Bolonero

Producer: Torre Vento

Grape Variety: Nero di Troia (70%), Aglianico (30%)

Vintage: 2012

We were recommended this wine today at a lovely restaurant in nearby Ceglie Messapica.  The owner assured me that it was an exceptional wine and pointed out that in 2015 it was awarded Tre Bicchiere by Gambero Rosso (which is their highest rating for wine, awarded to only 423 Italian wines last year).

Nero di Troia is almost exclusively grown in Puglia and is most commonly associated with the Castel del Monte region.  The wine has a dark ruby colour and an enticing, fruity aroma – it reminded Lucy and I of scrabbling around in hedgerows in the UK gathering fruit for a lovely homemade crumble!  Taste wise it appealed to both of us – it was light enough for Lucy to enjoy but with enough character and ‘interest’ for me.  I really liked the almost peppercorn finish – maybe all my Scottish relatives who insist of having pepper served with their strawberries are not mad after all!!

This is most definitely a wine that I will seek out again in the future and at around €6 (less than £5) a bottle it represents fantastic value for money.  I definitely feel the need to investigate the grape varieties further…


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