Hand Picked PugliaWelcome to Hand Picked Puglia where our aim is to provide visitors with an authentic insight into this amazing region of Italy. We have fallen in love with the region, the people, the food and the wine and we want to share our passion for Puglia with you.

Wine has been produced in Puglia for thousands of years, however, in many ways it is still a comparatively new industry.  The whole ethos concerning wine making has changed markedly in the last 30 years or so.  Our aim is to visit vineyards that will help you to learn more about the history and the future of Puglian wine, whilst tasting some of its best examples.  In addition, we hope to be able to introduce you to some of our indigenous wine varieties, many of which are still relatively unknown outside the region.

“This magical wine destination is a thin peninsula packed tight with stunning beauty.” – Monica Larner (writing for Wine Enthusiast)